Religion and Health

Do the two go hand and hand?  It seems quite likely that they do.


The common belief among those who view the bible as the Word of God that God put all things on the earth for health and welfare of all people.  From Genesis, when the herbs of the grass were to eat, until the New Testament where it is written that all meat is good for man to eat.., it is a common thread throughout scripture to look at what is natural and determine how it can be used to better our health and lifestyle.

Being in nature has shown to have both mental and physical healing properties.  All of us find nature beautiful and beckoning our presence.  What gets in the way is our perception of comfort that we are accustomed and thoughts in our mind that this attraction to nature is unimportant.  Perhaps if we see a calendar picture of a wilderness scene and think to ourselves how wonderful it would be for us to be there; we quickly dismiss it and go about our day, compartmentalizing the feeling as a silly mental vacation.

But what if it more than that?  What if the very sand under our feet, the newly made oxygen from the trees surrounding us, or the mist and sound from a nearby waterfall have healing properties that God has given us a desire to connect with?  What if at a molecular level, the ions in nature react with the ions in our body to create a balance of life and health that can’t otherwise be had?

I am merely posing questions to stimulate thoughts in your own mind. We may never on, in the here and now, the exact answers. The answers may very a bit from person to person. If you find yourself struggling from a mental or physical disease, then what harm could come from delving into areas that you might otherwise consider foolish. Scripture tells that God has made the foolish things to confound the wise (I’m paraphrasing). Just something to consider.