Hair Health

Hair is often overlooked when considering the inner workings of our bodies. In this article, we will explore some of the many qualities of the human hair. The more we know about the workings of our body, the more we can appreciate the miracle of Gods creation.

Have you ever seen this play out on Television? The forensic investigator has only a strand of hair from the scene of the crime and determines who the killer is just in time for that one piece of evidence. The fact is, you can tell a lot from a strand of hair, but not quite that much.

General description of an individual can be known from a strand of hair, but the exact person can not be distinguished. Things like general age, race, health, and how the hair was removed from the person can be known.  These should be a big help in solving a crime and also give a glimpse into just how remarkable the human hair is.

Under a microscope, hair looks like a scary black Halloween palm tree without the green palms. It’s hard to shell is in layers that give it that palm affect and also protect the body from dirt and sun. Contained in a living hair are many elements of life. Blood, cell growth, oil, muscle, and scent provide each person with a different look and feel.

The living cells at the bottom of the hair divide faster than any other cell in the Hair grows for as long as six years and short as two years. People whose hair grows for a long time will have longer hair than others. By comparison, hair on your face, like eyebrows, only grow for a few weeks. This explains why eyebrows grow so short above your eyes. Thank God they do…can you image having to cut your eyebrows like you do the hair on your scalp?

Diet is important to the health of your hair due to the hairs composition and growth. Protein makes up 85% of hair along with water, minerals, sulfur, and phosphorous.  Oil excreted through the skin glands located at the base of the hair provides protection from damage and adds to the beauty of a person appearance.

It makes sense that the hair uses the nutrients absorbed through digestion to build the necessary parts of the healthy hair.  As such, our a healthy diet is composed of proteins, water, and good oils.

Worry about hair loss is one of the biggest use of cranial energy concerning hair. Women and men, both, experience hair loss as they age. In fact, we have the most hair we are ever going to have while we are still inside the womb.  The numbers decrease as soon as we are born.

The Bible says that God knows the number of hairs on your head, but we know that the number is about 100,000 at the time of birth. As our scalp grows, it becomes less densely populated with hair, only because the same number of hair follicles spread over a larger area look less full.

Proper diet are not the only important activity to consider for proper hair health.  A top hair salon is one which keeps up with new medical understanding and uses products which help more than harm the hair. This is a difficult balance, since most of what we want our hair to do in terms of color and shape are not natural. Using natural methods and chemicals to get the color and look we want takes a great deal of training and money.