How Spiritual Health Affects Physical Health

If you are in the ministry or therapy profession of any kind, it is most important that you are at your best emotionally and physically for you to provide the best results to your clients or parishioners. But just how important is your physical health while being in the phycology or spiritual field? How much of an affect is there on the physical body, when focusing on the mental and spiritual?

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meditation-the second most researched behavioral practices


There is now a large amount of research (about 1500 studies) showing the relationship between religions spiritual involvement in health. It seems that spiritual health can be very beneficial to the physical health of Therapists. But it depends on, to a significant extent, the kind of religious involvement.

Not All Spiritual Doctrine Is The Same

The general principle for involvement in religious systems that infuse guilt and punishment, don’t result in many benefits in the physical. On the other hand, religious systems which emphasize love and compassion; the evidence is clear that this can improve physical health.

Just how much it can be improved is shown by studies where people who attend religious activities, at least weekly, survive at least seven years longer than those who do not. This is after taking into account baseline health related behaviors such as social support, and likeliness to use modern medical treatment. This is a dramatic improvement.

The enormous body of research meditation is the second most researched behavioral therapy out there that has shown a lot of benefits for a range of physiological disorders. There doesn’t seem to be anything that hasn’t been tried in this area that hasn’t been found beneficial for a significant numbers.

There is now more evidence for the benefit of meditation for mental health professionals than for any other psychotherapy. Some of those benefits include capacities, such as reduced stressed, enhanced physiological wellbeing and maturity. Health professionals who take up these activities tend to show significant gains in physiological maturity

Help Others Through Helping Yourself
There is also enhanced capacity for strengths such as empathy. This is important, because empathy has been shown to be one of the key components of some of the most successful therapists. Other benefits of meditation are calm, concentration, and self-actualization. All of which not only help therapists in their profession, but anyone who embodies these traits.